shit-storm.com this is your place to “feel good.” We all hear people speaking of a shit-storm (in there life) but there is no single storm and there are no forecasters to let you know a shit-storm is approaching. No, you have to keep your eyes opened and even when your awareness is piqued you can be covered in shit, thankfully for most, just figuratively. Some of us get quite attune to our regular showers. Eventually we will differentiate between showers and storms.

I recall the term first being used in the military and it was always related to a situation that was really bad; a point after when hell brakes loose and always related to the circumstances being helpless. That is a storm. So on this site we want to share our personal experiences when things are at their worst and then also when they get better or perfect; a rather beautiful day.

There are contributors on the site who will share their thoughts on their subject, whether shit or positive but I have asked that they bring their posts in line with the nature of the site. I expect that interchange will have a positive result for every one. As a team of life players we enter this realm anonymously, thus we all go by number not name and our faces are masked. I want complete freedom of expression. Freedom is not as free as it once was.

Though the site is live while I’m designing it and learning more about WP and my Woo theme I hope to soon have my shit tight. Enjoy reading and give me a chance to solicit more contributors and also bringing the site up to speed.

Thanks for visiting,



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    tazorac retail price While so much of the nation has despised Washington, a gold rush has enthralled the place. It has, in recent years, become a crucible of easy wealth, fame, forgiveness, and next acts. Punditry has replaced reporting as journalism’s highest calling, accompanied by a mad dash of “self-branding,” to borrow a term that had now fully infested the city: everyone now hell-bent on branding themselves in the marketplace, like Cheetos (Russert was the local Coca-Cola). They gather, all the brands, at these self-reverential festivals, like the April White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, whose buffet of “pre-parties” and “after-parties” now numbers more than two dozen—because a single banquet, it is clear, cannot properly celebrate the full achievements of the People Who Run Your Country.
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  464. Rickie 12/02/2016 at 12:24 am #

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